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Institute Management Solution is designed to automate the all process of an institute from student inquiry to certificate printing.

By using the latest technology, this institute Management Solution automates an institute’s operations like Student Inquiry Management, Front-end Administrator Management, Student Management, Attendance Management, Examination Management, Human Resource Management, Time Table Management, Accounts Management, Inventory Management, Result & Transcript Management, and Course Management. Likewise, system is developed by some other extra features like news and events, calendar, profile search, messages, SMS, Email i.e.

Inquiry Module

Inquiry Management enable you to control & manage inquires from students.

Reception Module

Reception Management System enable you to control & manage front-end administration tasks.

Students Attendance Module

Student Attendance Module enable you to manage & control the attendance of students.

Inventory Module

Inventory Management System enable you to manage full control of inventory of your institute.

Account Module

Account Management System enable you to manage & control of your institute accounts.

Result & Transcript Module

This module enable you to control result & transcript management of your institute.

Cloud Based Institute Solution, A total solution for total automation of institute, build on the most ultramodern and secured web technologies used. Institute Students and parents can use access software anytime, anywhere through desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones but limited with user privilege which set by institute web master.

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  • Add Inquiry
  • Edit/Delete Inquiry
  • View/Filter Inquiry
  • Inquiry Reports
  • Inquiry Send SMS
  • Register Student
  • Edit/Delete Student
  • View/Filter Students
  • Student Reports
  • Manage Dropouts
  • Dropout Reports



  • Student Attend Using Bar code/Finger Print
  • Manage Students Attendance
  • Late Attendance System
  • Notifications System By SMS
  • Reports



  • Manage Departments
  • Manage IT Services
  • Manage Depreciation
  • Manage Logistics
  • Filter Options
  • Manage Users
  • Notifications System Via SMS



  • Accessing Students From Registration Module
  • Manage Course Fee
  • Make Payment
  • Reports
  • Notifications System Via SMS



  • Course Enrollment
  • View Students Details
  • Subject Allocation
  • Manage Subject Results
  • Manage Students Result
  • Student Status Report
  • Student Transcript
  • Notifications System Via SMS